Wooden I-beams for slab formwork

Wooden I-beam BDK 1 is a convenient material that is used for the installation of ceilings and for the creation of roof systems during the construction of various buildings. It is used in brick, block, frame and wooden housing construction.

балки перекрытия деревянные балки перекрытия деревянные балки перекрытия деревянные

балки перекрытия деревянные балки перекрытия деревянные балки перекрытия деревянные

Main characteristics

Wooden I-beams of floor formwork are highly resistant to mechanical loads. They have a small cross-sectional height, which allows more economical use of wood during production.

BDK 1 is used when it is necessary to make an overlap in the span with a height of more than 5 meters. When used for a long time, the floors do not change their original geometry.

Even with changes in air humidity, the BDK 1 beams are not deformed. If the need arises, it can be dismantled even in the cold season.

  Основные характеристики деревянных двутавровых балок

The cost of wooden I-beams

Companies that manufacture BDK 1 usually charge quite high prices for their products. We have the best price for this product in Moscow, which allows you to buy any number of products. Our company has its own production, which uses modern equipment. As a result, costs are significantly reduced and quality is increased. You can buy building materials for any object at the best cost, and we will deliver them to Moscow and any other city in the country.

How is the production of a wooden I-beam BDK 1

The formwork beam, with which the floors are covered during the construction of various objects, is created by our company using the most modern equipment. On special machines, wood is cut into plates of certain dimensions, which are then moved in stacks to the next stage of production.

Gradually, the final shape of the BDK 1 beam is given, it is glued and compressed to obtain high strength and stability. The finished product can easily withstand heavy loads.

How to buy wooden I-beams in Moscow

Beam BDK 1 from the manufacturer is sold in Moscow on the most favorable terms. Our goal is long-term cooperation. We are always glad to wholesale customers planning large-scale construction projects.

We also offer slab formwork beams to retail customers. Here you will find quality products with the required characteristics and attractive prices.

For the arrangement of the girder-girder system or for the installation of reliable formwork in monolithic construction, you need wooden I-beams. They are made from wood materials using the production procedure established in the GOST rules. The quality and accuracy of the entire structure depends on the choice of materials and the quality of their processing.

The company "BUSINESS INVESTMENTS" LLC has established its own production of wooden I-beams. This not only guarantees quality to the buyer, but also reduces the cost of purchasing products. When ordering from the manufacturer, you do not have to pay for the services of a number of intermediaries.

Main characteristics of timber beams for construction

балки перекрытия

The production and operation of wooden formwork beams is regulated by GOST 20850-84. Also, the detailed characteristics of the so-called wooden girder are described in TU 5366-001-00166469-2004.

Products are made of plywood sheet as a stiffener and two wooden edges from coniferous wood. By itself, the beam for the slab formwork (crossbar) is produced in standard parameters. Here are some important characteristics:

  • height 200 mm, width 80 mm, thickness 40 mm, and length from 2500 to 4000 mm;
  • plywood cuts into the base of the crossbar strictly by 13 mm;
  • plywood sheet thickness - 27 mm;
  • the weight of the beam is calculated per linear meter and is 5.7 kg +/- 5%;
  • the density of materials should not be lower than 450 kg / m3;
  • moisture content of wood raw materials does not exceed 10%.

Before buying wooden I-beams (BDK), make sure that their characteristics match with GOST. It is important that the parameters of the material are not only spelled out in the manufacturer's documents, but also correspond to reality. To detect non-conformities with the requirements, it is often sufficient to visually assess the product and take measurements.

Where are BDK used in construction?

The main area of application is monolithic construction. High-quality wooden I-beams are used to create a frame for horizontal monolithic blocks. The crossbars hold the structure, give it the desired shape and help to create the necessary rigidity for the proper quality of casting materials.

The crossbars are removed after use and can often be reused. But often, after the first operation, the products lose their dimensional accuracy and cannot be reused. Prices for slab formwork beams depend on a number of factors. These are the accuracy of production, the level of materials used, and the volume of your purchases.

Order wooden beams from professionals

The company "BUSINESS INVESTMENTS" LLC specializes in the manufacture of wood products for construction. To buy wooden I-beams in Moscow, leave a request on the website or order products by phone. Our experts will select convenient delivery methods and calculate the budget for your purchase.

For questions about the price of wooden I-beams, as well as delivery times, please contact us by phone +7 (906) 061-68-66

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 Схема опалубочного стола перекрытия     Схема опалубочного стола перекрытия

Tables for timber slab formwork up to 240 mm thick
Dimensions of table elements, ммNumber of units
Ширина АДлина ВКонсольШаг балокШаг стоек D, смПродольных балокСтоекРам жесткостиМонтажных связей

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