Wood pellets from a manufacturer in Moscow

Продажа пеллет в Москве
Wood pellets or the so-called pellets are compressed waste obtained as a result of wood processing (these are cuttings, sawdust, shavings, etc.). This waste is ground into flour, and then compressed, giving the shape of a cylinder. Such pellets become an excellent alternative to popular types of fuel, such as coal, fuel oil, wood, diesel fuel, etc.

When wood pellets burn, less harmful substances are released into the environment, and the resulting ash is used as fertilizer. This fuel is not only environmentally friendly, but also has a high thermal conductivity, is easy to store and transport. Here you can buy DIN + wood pellets packed in 15 kg polyethylene bags at the best price.


Why buy pellets

Harmful emissions from combustion into the atmosphere are significantly lower than those of alternatives (coal, diesel fuel, fuel oil).

Low price

Prices are significantly lower than for alternatives (coal, diesel fuel, fuel oil).

At a lower cost, combustion efficiency is comparable to conventional fuels.
They do not require special storage conditions due to chemical and biological safety.
Pellet prices in Moscow

The price of pellets in Moscow and the region depends on the brand of pellets. Products "Premium" (light) are made from coniferous trees, they are used to heat private houses. The "Standard" brand (dark) is produced from oak wood and is used in industry. Both brands are energy efficient, but the cost and technology are slightly different.

You can find out the cost of the necessary product and negotiate the terms of delivery with the managers by phone.

PhotoDescriptionPackagingPrice (per 1 ton) when buying up to 5 tonsPrice (per 1 ton) when buying from 5 tons
Купить пеллеты Премиум

"Premium" are light-colored wood pellets that are produced from dry pine or spruce sawdust. They do not contain any foreign impurities and additives, which means they have a maximum calorific value. According to generally accepted standards, the ash content of premium wood pellets should not exceed 0.2 percent.

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Купить пеллеты Стадарт

"Standard" (oak) 6mm - these are wood pellets, which are made from oak sawdust. They do not contain any impurities and additives. They are slightly darker in color than the previous ones, and in quality they are not nearly inferior. They also correspond to the Din + category. The ash content of the "Standard" category cannot be more than 0.2%.

Bags 15 кгCheck by phone

Check by phone

* Pellets can be picked up independently (self-pickup) both wholesale and retail.
* Delivery is also possible, the price is agreed upon when ordering.

How to buy pellets in bulk in Moscow

The company "BUSINESS INVESTMENTS" in the Moscow region offers to profitably order energy-efficient fuel wood pellets in bulk from the manufacturer. For this you do not need to come to the office of the company. One has only to call, send an e-mail or leave a request on the website.

It is profitable to buy large lots from us: with an order volume of more than 5 tons, the price is reduced! We have our own production of pellets in Skhodnya, so you can always buy the required amount of goods.

The sale of pellets is carried out with delivery to the regions, self-pickup is also organized. Delivery cost is calculated individually, you can get detailed information from the manager by phone.

Fuel pellet production in Moscow

Fields of application of fuel pellets

Pellets are becoming widely used, therefore the popularity of their production is increasing. Previously, pellets were used only for special boilers, but today their effectiveness has been proven in solid fuel boilers. In addition, they are used in hikes, where it is not always possible to find firewood, due to their small size and weight, you can take them with you without any problems. Another area for which you can buy pellets wholesale or retail from the manufacturer is kindling stoves and fireplaces.

By using pellets, you will forget about chopping wood. They take up much less space, and the price is more attractive. These products are especially useful for those who keep pets, for example, cats and rodents. After all, wood pellets can be used as storage for a toilet. They perfectly absorb moisture and easily adsorb it, and, moreover, they do not stain animal hair and are safe for their health.

Background information on fuel pellets

DIY pelletsProduction of pellets for heating Pricing for pelletsBuy pellets - why is it profitable? Heating the house with fuel pellets Pellet production process

Pellet production process

Pellet production
for heating

Price formation
for pellets

Buy pellets -
why is it profitable?

Heating the house
with fuel pellets

Pellet production process

How to evaluate quality?

The high cost does not always indicate a decent quality of the offered products. High-quality wood pellets, the price of which is favorable and affordable both wholesale and retail, have the following characteristics:

  • perfectly flat, smooth, shiny surface without any cracks;
  • diameter according to the standards is 6-8 mm;
  • the length of wood pellets directly affects the efficiency of the boiler and the suction system;
  • the smell should have a slight sweetish scent of glue.

Reviews of fuel pellets

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Production and sale of pellets - certificates

This certificate confirms that dark pellets are made from environmentally friendly products obtained by wood processing, namely oak sawdust. The ash content does not exceed 0.2%. There is experience in sending pellets to European countries (FCA delivery terms)

Light pellets are made from coniferous sawdust without added impurities (DIN 6mm +). There is experience in sending pellets to European countries (FCA delivery terms

How to buy pellets

In the company "BUSINESS INVESTMENTS" in Moscow, you can buy pellets for heating by placing an order in any of the following ways:

  • by contacting the phone numbers listed on the website and discussing with the manager the details related to the price, delivery and payment for the purchase;

  • by leaving a request by simply pressing a button (see below);

  • by sending an email.

In the last two cases, managers will promptly call back and clarify what kind of wood pellets are needed, in what quantity and how it will be convenient for you to pick them up. Pickup or prompt transportation to your location by our logistics service is possible.

Questions remain?
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