If you are interested in the production of I-beams, you can contact our company. Wooden I-beams are a practical material used for installing floors between floors, creating rafters in the construction of buildings and structures. They are widely used in housing construction of various types - from bricks, blocks, wood.

These beams are distinguished by their maximum resistance to loads, saving time during the construction of the building, as well as durability of operation. They can be mounted at any time of the year without fear of temperature changes and material deformation.

The production of formwork girders is also the prerogative of our company.

For production we use high-tech equipment. The cutting of wood material into plates is performed on specialized machines, then the wood is folded in piles and undergoes the next stage of production. The beams are given a finished shape, they are glued and pressed to acquire high stability and strength. The product, after such preparation, endures heavy mechanical loads and can be immediately used in construction work.

The workshops of our company also produce pellets.

Pellets are waste left over from the industry of woodworking and furniture factories, which are compressed and used in the future as fuel. And the ash remaining after the combustion of pellets is widely used as fertilizer. These factors explain the popularity of using pellets.

We have pellets Standard and Premium class. Premium class pellets are made from softwood, they are the best option for heating private houses. Pellets Standard are made from oak wood, they are used mainly in industrial facilities.

You can find out about the cost and terms of delivery from the managers of the company.

We also specialize in the production of floor beams, in the manufacture of which their geometric shapes and bearing characteristics are preserved. Production takes place on modern equipment, this justifies the accuracy and quality of the structures, and, subsequently, the long service and reliability of buildings.

Benefits of floor beams:

  • Lightness and, at the same time, structural strength
  • Conducting communications inside the structure
  • Maximum load-bearing properties
  • Unlimited warranty
  • Saving money and time 

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